About Us

Rosso srl

Rosso srl is a leading company in the sector, dynamic, born from the experience gained over the years in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The company treats both solid and liquid waste and occupies a total area of ​​17,700 square meters (expansion in the new area of ​​8,200 square meters): details of the VOLUMES are shown below.

Waste Instantaneous Mg storage capacity Quantity Input Deposit Mg/year Maximum amount of treatment Mg/year
dangerous 4.439 93.200 93.200
not dangerous 2.930 46.800 25.000
TOTAL 7.369 140.000 118.200

Thanks to this ability we are able to manage various types of services. By contacting our company, you will always find a competent interlocutor capable of identifying the optimal solution, in compliance with the relevant laws, to your waste problem.